Swimwear made with Liberty Fabric

Welcome to our wonderful collection of UV-protective swimwear for children and women, featuring a wide range of products, including products made with Liberty Fabric. Here, you’ll find more than just swimwear; you’ll discover a blend of exquisite style and delightful comfort, designed for those who appreciate quality and unique details. Our collection includes beautiful swimsuits, bikinis, swim shorts, and more for both adults and children. This selection of our swimwear is made with Liberty Fabrics’ iconic prints, ensuring a distinctive and timeless look. Also, our range features UV-protective swimwear and accessories for children made with Liberty Fabric. The textiles used in our UV-protective swimwear made with Liberty Fabric are certified after being tested according to the European UV-801 standard. This is to ensure good protection against the sun’s harmful rays for those areas of the body covered by our swimwear.

Let us help you find the perfect piece of swimwear that not only enhances your summer wardrobe but also adds a sense of luxury and comfort to your sunny days.

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